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The principle idea behind conceiving LEC is to contribute to India's Infrastructure sector and cater its growing needs. Its mission is to be an eminent provider of superior infrastructure services with extraordinary service and professional integrity. Accordingly, the LEC plans to handle Highways, Bridges, Flyovers, Irrigation, Pipeline projects on its own by planning to mobilize committed human resources, required machinery in due course.

Right now, Infrastructure industry is on a slow pace due to lack of skilled workforce, committed professionals and improper financial planning. LEC intends to fill this void in the Industry using its Management Presonnel's vast experience as a pivotal asset in collaborating with Industry joints and assist them to accomplish the Infrastructure projects within stipulated and budgeted cost.


"We strive to grow our business with passion to be a leader in the marketplace, Whom Clients recommend to colleagues, Community feels comfortable with, Employees proud to be with, Vendors happy to partner with, And Investors want to grow with."


"To be the leader in our business which is so vital to people’s lives and development of a great nation."

‘Bringing vision to Reality’

‘Doing our job in building a stronger nation’

Quality Policy

We have an expert team for designing, planning and execution of work. Responsibility for Quality rests at the top management level of our company and is transferred down to the line for implementation. Everyone in our company is accountable for Quality performance in their respective areas.

SHE (Safe and Hygienic Environment) Policy

We constantly perform risk management techniques to identify the dangers employees can encounter in the workplace. Preventing these problems are highly beneficial and results have shown that a safe and hygienic environment has led to a higher productivity. Our standards of procedure and policies are implemented to ensure employees safety and health is an action taken proactively and controlled by the top management.

We have executed all works without a lost time incident. We use, comprehensive management systems to demonstrate our commitment to Quality and Safety.