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For a massive country such as India, improvement in infrastructure is a necessity. Over the next decade the government has been working on providing the much-needed groundwork that can see the sector take off in coming years.

Following several initiatives such as ‘Housing for All’ and ‘Smart Cities,’ the government has been working on reducing the bottlenecks that impede growth in the infrastructure sector. The latest budgetary outlay for infrastructure spending has been increased for various projects including housing, railways, ports and irrigation.

LEC was established to bring industry experience and state‐of‐art expertise to cater to the growing needs of India's infrastructure. As an eminent provider of infrastructure services, it is capable of handling projects that include highways, pipelines, flyovers, bridges and irrigation.


India’s network of well connected roads and highways has enabled rapid economic growth.

Our roads and highway projects are not mere earth work for us – we take pride in every stage of their construction : 

- Planning
- Building
- Meeting deadlines
- Maintaining

We build roads and highways with an underlying sense of responsibility towards the nation. We function like a precision-timed unit while building these very necessary urban infrastructural skylines. 


Our services for pipeline projects include conceptual scheme, feasibility study, on site investigations and route survey, telecommunication and  telesupervisory control besides other project services such as design, engineering, procurement, construction supervision and project management.

We are capable of managing pipeline projects through difficult terrain conditions like:
  • Steep hills
  • Remote areas in thick forests with no access
  • Highly developed urban and industrial areas
  • Environmentally sensitive areas of wild life sanctuaries and reserved forests

We have also provided extensive services for in-service reliability management of pipelines through intelligent pigging, cathodic protection and residual life assessment studies.


The services provided by us under Irrigation works include construction and modernization of the canals, canal syphons, canal earthwork, structures, lining and service road to the branch canals, etc.

The Canals and lift irrigation schemes designed and build by us have played a vital role in changing the landscape of India. Our projects have enabled remote areas of the country to be productive and economically self-sustaining.


Railways are a major source of connectivity across long distances for people and freight, and pose tremendous challenges in their infrastructure development, while providing excellent business opportunities for growth and development. We having essentially focused on Roads and Bridges is making significant forays into exploring further into this vast domain and is soon to announce major plans for making further inroads into this ever challenging sector.

We has undertaken construction of first generation railway lines and bridges for the Government of India and commands requisite expertise in undertaking similar ventures notwithstanding the scale of the assignments. From laying of railway lines across even difficult terrains, to the construction of mega railway bridges, we are venturing fast into this sector with renewed zeal as a competent player.


Industry is the backbone of economic progress. LEC creates the engineering solutions that deliver cost-effective and sustainable answers to challenges posed to these industries. It typically characterises technical structures such as roads, bridges, tunnels, water supply, sewers, electrical grids, telecommunications, and so forth, and can be defined as "the physical components of interrelated systems providing commodities and services essential to enable, sustain, or enhance societal living. These works typically include enabling works, roads, drainage, paving, car parking, retaining walls, landscaping, streetscapes and water.

 LEC provides streamlined structures that allow maximum usage of available resources in tune with client requirements.